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The Range Issue

Physical attributes like height, weight and strength play a huge role in a fight. In all my years of sparring classes in Kung Fu, I’ve had many sparring partners of varying sizes and 99% of the time, they’ve all got … Continue reading

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Connecting Brain to Body

One of the reasons I wanted to start this blog is to get me really thinking about what I’m ┬álearning. When it comes to martial arts, I’ve always been a really slow learner, it takes me years of doing something … Continue reading

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Sparring at 100%: OK for Grappling, Not So Cool for Striking

One of the big differences that I’ve found while training both Wing Chun and BJJ is how hard I can go at sparring and subsequently how this affects how I learn to apply my knowledge properly. Wing Chun is all … Continue reading

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Welcome to Fighting Like A Butter-Bee

Yeay, first blog post! ­čÖé Welcome to Fighting Like a Butter-Bee, my martial arts themed blog, where I’ll be documenting and sharing my lifelong journey in martial arts. So, a butter-bee is a term I came up with to describe … Continue reading

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