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Basic Elevator Sweep

  I need all the study aids I can get to help me learn so I created this little poem (actually more like a nursery rhyme I guess) and diagram to help me remember how to do a basic elevator … Continue reading

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…And I’m Back On The Ground Again

My head’s been in the clouds this weekend after Pan Pacs, so it was probably a good thing to head into training on Monday and resume back to my usual state of getting smashed by everyone. I whine a whole … Continue reading

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Artwork: Don’t Be This Guy

I recently collaborated with Jiu Jiu from Jiu Jiu’s BJJ Blog to create a character for one of her blog posts titled BJJ and Women: PSA – Trousers Thief On The Loose. She gave me the brief of “douchey guy, … Continue reading

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2013 Pan Pacific Jiu Jitsu Championships

It’s been an eventful BJJ week, starting with me slamming my head on the ground and getting sent to the hospital on Monday, to re-busting my long-injured knee on Tuesday, wobbling and limping around on Wednesday and ending with an … Continue reading

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