What I Learn From My Sifu

I’ve been training Kung Fu for about 10 years now under my instructor, Sifu Julian de Boers and his partner Simo Sophie Archibald. Both of them along with their kids as well as a few of the students who have been training with me for years have become like an extended family to me. When I think of ‘Kung Fu’, I think of family, friendship and a home away from home.

For the past year I’ve been putting more focus into my BJJ training and so haven’t been going for Kung Fu as much. When I don’t go for Kung Fu classes, I don’t really miss training as much as I miss my Kung Fu family.

After a pretty long Christmas break, I finally went to my first Kung Fu class of 2014 last night and once again, it was like coming home as soon as I walked into the academy. I just absolutely love the place and the people. 🙂

Last year for Christmas, I wanted to give Sifu and Simo a present and I knew I wanted to draw them a picture. It took a while for me to think up what I wanted to draw but I decided to create a little comic strip for them and I wanted the ‘story’ to be about what they’ve taught me over the years.

Here’s the comic strip that I made:


I love martial arts not just because I love kicking or punching or grappling (all those things are pretty sweet) but I love all the other stuff that comes with it too, like learning about myself or challenging myself or learning to persevere or just learning to learn.

I’m not very good at Kung Fu, in terms of experience:skills ratio, I’m probably the worst, suckiest student. But I’m alright with that because through all that time, I think I’ve gained much more valuable lessons than how to do Kung Fu. And more importantly, I’ve gained a Kung Fu family willing to teach me or help me discover all those important lessons. 🙂

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