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How I Cut To Light Feather Weight

So here’s how I went about cutting down to a lower weight division. End Goal: 53.5kg with Gi (roughly 51.7kg without Gi) I decided to cut to a lower weight division after the Pan Pacs, that was in early October. … Continue reading

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Cutting Weight And A Slightly Emo Post

Last night I registered to compete in the 2013 IBJJF Melbourne International Open. I’ll be competing in the Adult Novice Light Feather Weight Division. To be honest, I’m going to feel like I’ve got the gold medal as soon as … Continue reading

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The Hardest Thing About Competing

The hardest thing about competing… …isn’t the hard training …isn’t the nerves before stepping on the mat …isn’t the fear about getting completely smashed or even injured …isn’t the fear of losing The hardest thing about competing… …is CUTTING WEIGHT!

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