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Self-Doubt and Fear

Every time I step on the mats, I feel this little wave of fear and self-doubt. Even after 4-5 years of training Jiu Jitsu, I still feel it. It doesn’t matter if its to compete or just to train. The questions … Continue reading

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The Butter Bee’s Guide to Rolling in a Heatwave

It’s been a killer hot week here in Melbourne, with the temperature consistently surpassing 40 deg C (104 Fahrenheit) since Tuesday. Somehow, I’ve managed to drag myself to BJJ training this week by telling myself, “This is nothing compared to … Continue reading

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How I Cut To Light Feather Weight

So here’s how I went about cutting down to a lower weight division. End Goal: 53.5kg with Gi (roughly 51.7kg without Gi) I decided to cut to a lower weight division after the Pan Pacs, that was in early October. … Continue reading

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Basic Elevator Sweep

  I need all the study aids I can get to help me learn so I created this little poem (actually more like a nursery rhyme I guess) and diagram to help me remember how to do a basic elevator … Continue reading

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…And I’m Back On The Ground Again

My head’s been in the clouds this weekend after Pan Pacs, so it was probably a good thing to head into training on Monday and resume back to my usual state of getting smashed by everyone. I whine a whole … Continue reading

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I <3 Sparring/Rolling

I’m a huge fan of sparring and rolling in both Kung Fu and Jiu Jitsu. I always look forward to sparring or rolling whenever I train. And no matter how tired I am at the start (and end) of the … Continue reading

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Training BJJ in Malaysia: Visiting Leverage Combat Academy

I’ve been missing in action for a few weeks and have been sorely neglecting my blog and to some extent my training too. My excuse: it was holiday time!! Specifically my annual holiday to Malaysia. I was born and grew … Continue reading

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