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The Fine Line Between Self-Confidence and Arrogance

Just wanted to share an old illustration that I made a couple of years ago: For some reason one day I was thinking about the hare and the tortoise story and it suddenly hit me what the moral of the … Continue reading

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Artwork: Don’t Be This Guy

I recently collaborated with Jiu Jiu from Jiu Jiu’s BJJ Blog to create a character for one of her blog posts titled BJJ and Women: PSA – Trousers Thief On The Loose. She gave me the brief of “douchey guy, … Continue reading

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My Martial Arts-Themed Artworks on Red Bubble

I spend a lot of my time trying my best to kick, punch, choke or break someone’s limbs, or more accurately trying to not get all those things done to me. But when I’m not training, I like to draw. … Continue reading

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