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Self-Doubt and Fear

Every time I step on the mats, I feel this little wave of fear and self-doubt. Even after 4-5 years of training Jiu Jitsu, I still feel it. It doesn’t matter if its to compete or just to train. The questions … Continue reading

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What I Learn From My Sifu

I’ve been training Kung Fu for about 10 years now under my instructor, Sifu Julian de Boers and his partner Simo Sophie Archibald. Both of them along with their kids as well as a few of the students who have … Continue reading

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My Martial Arts-Themed Artworks on Red Bubble

I spend a lot of my time trying my best to kick, punch, choke or break someone’s limbs, or more accurately trying to not get all those things done to me. But when I’m not training, I like to draw. … Continue reading

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Commitment Issues

If I was to liken the topic of commitment in the martial arts that I do to relationships, then fighting with Wing Chun Kung Fu is like my relationship with distant acquaintances and BJJ is like my relationship with my loved ones. … Continue reading

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My Martial Arts Philosophy

There is nothing noble about being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self. – Ernest Hemingway – I used to be the kind of girl that made lots of excuses. “Oh, of course … Continue reading

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Welcome to Fighting Like A Butter-Bee

Yeay, first blog post! 🙂 Welcome to Fighting Like a Butter-Bee, my martial arts themed blog, where I’ll be documenting and sharing my lifelong journey in martial arts. So, a butter-bee is a term I came up with to describe … Continue reading

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